Save Tab

Use this tab to:

Run Name and Run Continuation

You can set the name for your run either in this tab's Run name box or in the run toolbar at the top of the Graphs window. In the Graphs window you must first pause writing via the optional Enable/Disable Recording button as described here.

Both of these inputs accept either an undecorated base-name for a run, or a decorated name of the form run-name_gN_tM. The decorated form tells SpikeGLX you wish to continue writing additional files into an existing run, starting at the specified g/t indices. This is very useful if a run had to be interrupted to repair a problem.

Note too, that you can change to a different run name without stopping the run. Use the Graphs window Disable button to pause writing, then type in a new undecorated name (no g/t indices). This will be treated as a request for a brand new run name that will start at _g0_t0.

Unique Name Rules

If the run name is undecorated, the provided base-name must be unused in all of the current Data Directories.

If the name is decorated, then those indices must be unused. That is, run-name_gN_tM must not exist in any of the current Data Directories.