Triggers Tab

A file is being written when the trigger is high.

There are currently 5 trigger modes:

Immediate Start

As soon as the gate is enabled the trigger is immediately set high and it simply stays high ("latches high") until the gate is closed or the run is stopped.

Select 'Immediate' mode for both {gate, trigger} modes to start recording as soon as the run is started, subject to gate manual override settings.

Timed Start and Stop

Optionally wait L0 seconds, then either:

TTL Controlled Start and Stop

Watch a selected (analog or digital) channel for a positive going threshold crossing, then either:

The latter 2 cases get flexible repeat options:


Spike Detection Start and Stop

Watch a selected channel for negative going threshold crossings:


Remote Controlled Start and Stop

The trigger level can be commanded high or low using the TriggerGT remote API command.

We retain support for a legacy program called "StimGL." StimGL can send {SETTRIG 1, SETTRIG 0} commands to the "Gate/Trigger" server.

Normally an NI or Onebox device is used for TTL inputs, but the imec SMA connector can be used in special circumstances.