SpikeGLX Neural Recording System

Concurrent, synchronized acquisition from Imec and NI-DAQ devices.

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Imec Project Phases

There are four branches in this repo separately supporting the four Imec Neuropixels project development phases. The four phases have mutually incompatible hardware and software, so obtain the appropriate materials for your needs. Release software packages are labeled as phase3A, phase3B1, phase3B2, or phase20. All early releases having no phase label are actually phase3A. All releases support NI-DAQ based acquisition.

System Requirements

Requirements differ according to platform:

Latest Application Downloads

Suggested organization: Create folder 'SpikeGLX' on your desktop or C:\ then download/unzip associated stuff into it:


Older Versions

Support Downloads

PXI Enclustra Drivers

These required driver files are not included in your SpikeGLX release.

  1. Click the link below for your Windows OS version.
  2. Unzip the folder into your local folder of SpikeGLX-related stuff.
  3. Follow the installation ReadMe in the download.

Terminology: 'Enclustra' is a company that markets other vendor's FPGAs along with development and support tools. There are several FPGAs used in the Neuropixels hardware, including a Xilinx Zynq model, often referred to as 'the enclustra'.

Interesting Map Files

Offline Analysis Tools

Descriptions of metafile items for each phase:

MATLAB and Python tools for parsing meta and binary datafiles (supports 3A, 3B1, 3B2, 20).

CatGT is a command-line tool that does the following offline operations (all imec phases):

TPrime is a command line tool that maps event times (all imec phases):


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Use is subject to Janelia Research Campus Software Copyright 1.2 license terms: http://license.janelia.org/license.

QLed components are subject to GNU Library GPL v2.0 terms, which are described here: https://github.com/billkarsh/SpikeGLX/blob/master/QLed-LGPLv2-LICENSE.txt.